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House Price Growth Remains Steady AT 3.7% During August

The latest data and analysis of the UK housing market from Halifax has revealed that during the three months to August this year, average house prices increased by 3.7% when compared to the same...

By: Admin - September 11, 2018

Brits Remain Positive About Property Despite Brexit

The latest research from has suggested that, despite the threat of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, the majority of the British public remain upbeat about the future of the UK...

By: Admin - August 14, 2018

New Properties ‘Flooding The Newham Housing Market’

Across the capital, new listings of homes on the property market dropped by 12.7 per cent in July compared to June.

Meanwhile, in Newham, the only borough where the supply of housing on the...

By: Admin - August 7, 2018

Home Improvements And Profits

What are the property improvements that give the best and worst returns?

A new tool, created by GoCompare Home Insurance, with the assistance of property expert Henry Pryor, shows the home...

By: Admin - July 18, 2018